John calls and wants to discuss the events surrounding my leaving New Foundation. He was still there briefly after I left. John describes Billy's actions as though he had carried out a "coup." Definition. Prior to this, I thought Billy was on my side. He acted like he was. I decided to remove the content of this topic. It would be equivalent to holding a resentment. However, I have left two phone calls I received that show what a couple of other people had to say about this. Many things were stolen from me and false accusations were used against me and such things would make anyone very upset. Don, who had lived there before, also gives me a call. It was sneaky to record like that, but I got their permission to use that here immediately after the calls. If anyone wants to know the details of the unjustifiable treatment I got from a few people then simply contact me. I don't mind speaking up. I might just take an evening or two and write out an objective essay about what I have experienced in Oxford House for everyone to read. I have been in 5 houses in two areas. For the most part it has been a success in spite of all sorts of things, countless things, that have constantly worked against me... a portion of which will have been myself.


Phone Call | 40 Min. | John to Robert

Phone Call | 8 Min. | Don to Robert


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