Trump is a Gambler and He is Betting on You | Robert Heston

The U.S.

Trump is a gambler. He is betting that you, the American public, is nothing but a bunch of ignorant sheep. So far, he has been proven right… at least on the ignorant part. There’s proof, he got voted in. All he had to do was throw around a bunch of fascist rhetoric and add in some lies about being on the side of the working class.


Number 1: the fascist needs a common enemy… bingo! We have Muslims and Mexicans. Hitler had Jews and along with the weak and sickly Germans. For us now, add in the poor… consisting of the weak and the sickly. I say that because one of the targets of Trump’s and the GOP’s new regime will be the poor by cutting off services to them.

Number 2: War and world domination. The mind and big money behind Trump is Steve Bannon. You can read about Steve with this article: (Title: “6 Things Warmonger Steve Bannon Has Declared War On”). Be prepared for significant increase in war.

Number 3: Nationalism. You can read about nationalism here: (Title: “The Lie of Patriotism”). In your powerlessness under the fascist rulers, you might seek to latch on with the power of the authoritarian figure of your ruler/s. You would express this in patriotic symbolism and symbolic acts.

Number 4: Fear. Number 3 and 4 is where the term “sheep” comes into play…. along with number 1 then 2. So far, the government has played the public like a fiddle… beginning with 9/11. 99% of the war we have perpetrated since that time has had nothing to do with that. I say 9/11 was planned… right down to the munitions coating the inner structure of those buildings and whatever blew a hole in the Pentagon… it was no plane… there was no plane. You can learn about that here beginning about 30 minutes (30 Min.) into it: (Title: “Zeitgeist: The Movie”). Being afraid, the public is willing to give up their Constitutional rights, submit to violations of those rights, vigorously support any and all forms of military action, and essentially believe and follow what becomes a tyrannical government.

Number 5: Propaganda. You can read about that here: (Title: “How Mental Conditioning Has Created a Silent, Passive American Society”) and here:–Zombies-by-Rob-Kall-130804-987.html (Title: Not Even Cowards– Zombies) Our mass media already is a great propaganda machine. That is why most people are not aware of countless critical issues facing our country and this world right now. That, combined with social engineering through the entertainment business which covers everything from TV and movies to computer games, combined with the dumbing down of the education system, creates a culture of ignorance.

The public is ready to follow even an incompetent, corrupt brut. Already, Trump, by virtue of his picks to head up the various government agencies and branches, combined with his behavior has proven himself to be the incompetent, corrupt brut whose purpose is to represent the wealthiest, approximate 1% which include the corporations and Wall Street and not the working-class people of this country. It is the spoken and otherwise evidential purpose of his associates to take over and dominate the US government with greed and insatiable lust for power with no significant regard for the American taxpayers. They are there to tear down our democratic institutions and loot the tax base for corporate profit.

You, the American public, will not be represented. You will be ruled by what is the definition of fascism which includes Numbers 1 through 5. Benito Mussolini’s definition of fascism: “Fascism should more properly be called corporatism, since it is the merger of state and corporate power.” Mussolini was the fascist Prime Minister of Italy during WWII.

No… I’m not trying to insult the majority of the American public by calling them a bunch of ignorant sheep. Trump might do that behind closed doors or in his mind. Ignorant, yes, but that does not mean stupid. It means you don’t know whatever the term refers to. Don’t know what? All sorts of things. It’s the mass media. Most Americans depend on and even trust the mass media to tell them what is going on. They expect the news to investigate and report and sometimes analyze it when things are wrong… like a corrupt politician trying to get away with something. We expect to hear all the important and critical issues of the day. Well, for the most part, they don’t do that anymore. It’s entertainment and comparatively trivial issues designed to divert our attention away from the truly important things while keeping us interested. Okay, example, the big issue of the day was how many people showed up for Trump’s inauguration. Or, the Russians subverting our great democratic process of political campaigns and voting. The TV news will take trivial or made up issues like that and harp on them until the cows come home. All the while, investigations and reporting of the real corruptions never happens.

How about his cabinet picks, the fact that some of them have every intention of destroying their respective departments like public education and the EPA? Or, one of his first actions was to deregulate Wall Street and bring back the rules that allowed those bastards to crash the economy in 2008. And, a host of other things detrimental to the country like anti-labor policies and deregulation to open floodgates for all manner of pollution. Were they reporting any of that? They don’t talk about things like that for the most part.

Sheep or cowards? Not really. It’s simply a matter of being uninformed by the great propaganda machine. Actually, I don’t think they would get away with the horrible crap they do without it. They fear the public and that’s why they have propaganda (lies, twisted truths, the omission of facts and information, and a host of entertainment designed to influence you in their favor or otherwise how they want you to think.)

The nation has become complacent and that is due to a large part from being severely uninformed. Also, the police often brutalize and criminalize protesters and, more recently, they have even arrested and charged reporters with felonies just for covering protests. Now that is pure fascism. I recall seeing photos of old people being carted off to jail for being part of the Moral Monday movement that was walking around in the NC state legislature building… just walking and standing around in there. It was trespassing charges. It’s open to the public, it’s public property, I toured the place with my class when I was a kid in the 1960’s. They want to scare people away from dissent. They snatched a young college girl up off the ground in Zuccotti Park in NY City by the hair of her head. She was part of the Occupy Wall Street movement, sitting on the ground in the park, she didn’t know who or what had grabbed her so she started pushing her elbows back to break free. The cop beat her to a pulp, put her in the hospital for a few weeks then 7 more weeks in the “Tombs” (Riker’s Island) charged with Felony Assault on an Officer. (Should have been, trying to break free from a coward with a badge) Pure fascism, brutality, and false charges. I could go on and on. Soon, all forms of dissent will be illegal. Welcome to the American version of fascism… Neo Fascism.

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