A Dream of Fascism and the Ensuing Nightmare | Robert Heston

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FASCISM – Something that is developing in the United States and in other very significant places in the western world. It is a form of governance that grows out of greed and an insatiable lust for power. It is a symptom of overpopulation. It grows out of fear and rules with fear. It will divide populations and conquer them. Those same populations will call for it and vote for it and if the fascists have done their job and their propaganda is good, those populations will never know what they have really asked for until it is too late and they are powerless to change it. It is a marriage of the state and the wealthiest corporations and banks. The divisions will be of the followers, the patriots, those who follow by marching to the tune of nationalism… and everyone else. Everyone else will mostly live in poverty. Many followers will as well. Parts of everyone else will have to be the bad guy. The followers will need someone to unite against. Part of everyone else will speak out against fascism’s tyranny and they will be demonized and criminalized. Others will expose fascism’s corruption and it will be the same for them and worse. The bad guys will revolt and they will be slaughtered. Racism and fear will be the modus operandi for anger, hate, oppression, and war. The corporate state will rule the masses with complete control and those who do not follow, those who do not salute their flags and praise their rulers will be rejected, brutalized, imprisoned, deported, tortured, shot, and bombed. The ultimate goal will be to assimilate all other countries and surround the resisters and conquer them. Fascism’s greatest military will conquer the world!!… and the masses will become its willing slaves.

The New World Order can begin. The rulers, never seen, will have their fascist tyrants manage the countries. Countries, but not quite countries. To the rulers they are just plantations that speak different languages. Society will be divided into classes. The poorest will die young. Most will be workers and most of them will be poor. Dissenters will be taken out quickly and harshly. The rulers will have eyes and ears everywhere. The oceans will be dead or dying. The air will be thick with pollution around the heavily populated and major manufacturing areas. Airborne pollution will be everywhere to some degree. The climate will be hot and growing hotter. Croplands will be depleted by fertilizers and drought. The poorest will starve to death by the millions. The soil, the air, the water, and food will all be toxic to varying degrees. Fresh water will grow scarce. Life expectancy for most will grow shorter. Prisoners will either become slaves or be executed. Dwindling resources will require it. The rulers will control the media and the people will only know what the rulers want them to know. The rulers will control education and the people will only learn what the rulers want them to learn. Now powerless and ignorant, the people will have very little choice in their predicament. Conquered and controlled, revolution by the people is all but impossible.

This is the sort of thing fascism and the corporate state is taking us to. The ruler’s disregard for the environment will ultimately be their undoing. Devastation of food resources, saturation of the environment with toxic elements, and the release of Arctic methane should end it all before the above description can go very far.

The nightmare is that this has already begun.

With these two articles, you can learn much about the process of fascism developing in the United States. You can also learn about the development of totalitarianism, now and from the past.

The Illusion of Freedom –¬†Article by Chris Hedges – Aug 18, 2016

Reform or Revolution –¬†Article by Chris Hedges – May 22, 2016


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