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The little South Vietnamese girl had torn off her clothes because they were on fire from a napalm attack carried out by the US military. That is her brother running ahead. Countless children were incinerated or blown to bits by US bombs in that war. Photos like this made the news. Such things inflamed the emotions of the American people. Massive war protests ensued around the country. Of course, the death of our soldiers were at the forefront of reasons behind those protests. With that war, the US government learned to keep such things out of the news and they have.

In the last 16 years or so we have killed many times the number of children that died in the Vietnam war. Along with them, their mothers and countless innocent fathers. The complacent and docile American public appears to care nothing about it. For the most part, they know nothing of it. Your insidious, corrupt government hides truth of what it does from you. The mass media you depend on is practically worthless in providing the news. It is nothing but a propaganda machine.

The horrors that have been perpetrated in your name go beyond your imagination and none of it for the reasons you have been told. First the United States caused the death of 575,000 children in Iraq, then there if you look at the evidence, it really looks like the US government killed the 3000 people in New York as a plan (start at 30 minutes into the video linked here), then they proceeded to kill 1,000,000 people in Iraq presumably because of New York and the imaginary WMD’s and they have since gone on to slaughter another million people while losing wars and decimating countries in six more “wars.”

While doing these things they have been busy destroying our democracy and our economy yet the American public remains complacent. Our biggest two political candidates will continue us on this path. Of course they would have you think different of them.

Could you stomach the pictures of the tens of thousands of innocent children after they have been incinerated or blown apart by our bombs? And what about that of their parents? Collateral damage in defense of our nation, you say? Bullshit. Collateral damage numbering in the millions? Yeah, right.

The thing is, since Vietnam the corporate and government controlled media censor the news. Independent journalism that reports the facts, the truth, and includes photos like the one in this article is all but gone. The reporters and journalists are there to serve government and corporate interests. A great deal of what the public should know is left out or otherwise twisted into lies. The more “transparent” government that Obama promised hides more than ever. The syndicated press has become “presstitutes” …in the words of Dr. Paul Craig Roberts. The mass media is a propaganda machine designed to keep the American public complacent and compliant. It is part of a trend with the largest corporations and the wealthiest increasingly controlling our government and those of every country in NATO. It is not a conspiracy theory. It is real.

We (you) are on the verge of completely losing this country to a power that has and is orchestrating an illusion that an ignorant American public is falling for. We have been robbed of our wealth and true power… economically and through corrupted law decimating the Constitution and Bill of Rights. It continues incrementally and mostly out of the awareness of a public that has been suckered by the biggest con game in history.

Will you continue to do nothing, remain complacent, and let yourself be conned by the criminals that have gotten control of this country? Will you vote for one of the two puppets that would be your President? There are 2 alternatives to that, Gary Johnson or Jill Stein. You haven’t heard much about them in the bullshit machine called the mass media. There are Independent and Green Party candidates who would actually seek to represent the people and not just lie to them then represent the money they have been bribed with and that otherwise rules this country. Upon further investigation, Gary Johnson would make a really pathetic president… kind of like a super greedy Republican on steroids. “Independent” sounds good and everything, but, upon further investigation, he is actually just on the take, corruption waiting to happen. And, Jill? Well, she is honest and truly wants a lot of the best things but would, in reality, be very ineffective since Congress and most of the totally corrupted political system would be against her. So, there’s really nothing good that can work to actually change things in favor of the people and the planet. Trump may actually want to improve the plight of the the American people, but the “machine” is not going to let him.

That child was fortunate to be alive. Her parents were killed. I recall seeing it in print in 1972. It shocked many Americans. I know you would not want to see my collection of photos of dead children killed by the US military and Israel in the Middle East. I have many. A few hundred of them are in the slideshow below. I believe that particular bombing in Vietnam had been a mistake. I do not seek to pass judgment on our troops at all. Certainly not! They follow orders. The politicians and the generals are a different story entirely. I knew I had that photo in my collection so I wrote my little article and posted it. It was discovery of this article that moved me to do so. Facebook Under Fire for Censoring One of the Most Iconic War Photos

The cover photo is at it appeared in the news: I’ve never escaped from that moment: Girl in napalm photograph that defined the Vietnam War 40 years on
I've never escaped from that moment: Girl in napalm photograph that defined the Vietnam War 40 years on
Photo Credited: Stephen Daniels/Alpha Press 072944 21/03/10 Kim Phuc giving a lecture at Oundle Festival of Literature. Kim was photographed by Nick Ut Associated Press in the famous picture in Vietnam naked as 7 year old girl running towards the camera. Photo taken in Oundle, Nr Peterborough, Cambs

…Rob – Saturday, 09/10/2016

Have a look at a tiny fraction of what the United States and Israel has done in recent years. There were so many resulting from what Israel has done I was compelled to add them in. They are a murderous lot, not far from their Nazi oppressors from the past. The Nazi’s were just more intelligent and creative. I doubt you will get very far if you try. There are hundreds of photos here. Many of these photos are Israel killing Palestinians. They bomb their cities while targeting schools and hospitals. They sometimes use Palestinian children for target practice and just plain fun to shoot at. A small percentage of the photos do not directly depict dead children. Multiply these hundreds of photos by tens of thousands then you can add those 575,000 children to it that died from US sanctions to Iraq before the war and you will have some idea of the carnage we have perpetrated against more innocent people than not. We killed about one million innocent people during the first part of the Iraq war and have gone on to kill about another million more in many countries since then. You can add to that tens of millions of refugees from Middle Eastern countries we have attacked and destroyed. Some are a direct result of our actions and some are because of our enemies. Enemies we have created. Right now there are about 40 million refugees world wide for many different reasons. Since WWII we, the US, have killed about 20 million people in our various wars. We have won none of those wars. We have decimated the countries and, more recently, left large parts of them to the so called terrorists.

One day, roughly 15 years ago, you are busy going about your normal life, then suddenly, out of the sky, hellfire and damnation rains down on your community and rips it to shreds with countless explosions. The most powerful country in the world has chosen your people to die to further its political and economic will. The bombing of close to a million people with only a small fraction of them being military is carried out on your country. Your friends and neighbors lay in a billion pieces and none of them were any kind of threat to the monstrous, murderous beast that has done this. Now there will be fighting within to supplement the slaughter while millions leave the country as fast as they can.





Would you not fight with every ounce of your being against the evil terrorist beast that has done this to your people?!

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