Men verses Women

How are They Different?
A Short Survey.

This survey is for a project in my psychology class. PSY-237 - Social Psychology. I am actually a Web Technologies major so this was a good opportunity to design a web form. What is needed here are for some men and women to take the survey. This is your chance to say what you think! I will assemble the results and post on Facebook and Google+ (but not your names or emails). The text fields for your answers will take up to 750 characters. Hopefully that will be enough. If you have more to say than that, then just say so at the bottom. I will email the results to anyone who provides their email address.
All entry fields are required except the email and Additional Comments.
Form Object

Please Click the "Submit" button to finish. Thank you for taking the survey! This form will email the results to me so I can compile it into a report about what people think. I will arrange a comparative list of what everyone thinks and send out a copy to anyone who is interested. Who am I? Robert Heston from Winston Salem, NC. I'm a student at Forsyth Tech.