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Party Pic
Be ready for the election party! Everyone is invited! Even all the other candidates will be there for a special celebrity roast!!! So don't miss it folks!
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Looks like another four years
of working behind the scenes.


Trump Devil
"It's okay if you vote for daddy, Satan, but I'll do a much better job for Him than Trump!!"
Trump Devil
"It's okay if you voted for me. I have been approved to do my Master's bidding, but it would be really great if we could get the big guy in there!!"
Obama Devil
"I can hardly wait to get back to my comfort zone and I couldn't think of a better replacement. And just think, we would be guaranteed at least 1,000 years of really great fun!!!"
Jersy Devil
Wake up Jersey! Everybody from Jersey gets to vote twice!!
Canadian Devil
We've got it all planned! Lots of busses and fake, American ID's for voting day! So be sure to show up Canada!!!
George Bush Devil
"And he's really smart too!"
Dick Cheney