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Step outside the box and we see that our technology is evolving to accommodate overpopulation. Rather than use it to promote increasing quality of life and longevity for the human race and our planet, we are using our abilities to destroy ourselves.

The future, in general, is fast becoming a moot point. The foreseeable future will see the cultures of the world become ever more lost in that great blender of globalization. As diversity dissolves into corporate domination, economies become subservient to the same, and life loses its value. Capitalism feeds on people like a beast with an insatiable appetite. What it cannot use will die. Overpopulation is a must. So we push the weak ones aside. We even demonize them like the enemies we create for slaughter with wars in other countries. And there's a way to turn a dollar every step of the way.

The effects of overpopulation propagate critical issues with our environment, economies, resources, politics, the police, and wars. Corrupted politicians and heads of corporations only seek to increase the problems and destruction in spite of the people. They saturate the mass media with propaganda. Major issues and events are hidden from the news. Education is sterilized, commercialized, and dumbed down. They are trying to strip away original thought from a more subservient public. All lies and deception designed to promote ignorance and control the population. The people are oppressed with their rights and freedoms gradually taken away. The abundant wealth they produce is stolen for the benefit of a chosen few. Those few seek to turn that wealth against us and become our rulers.

The spirit of humanity, over time, appears to be growing cold and dying and if so it will become petrified with the psychopathy trickling down from the top. But that spirit yet lives in many of us and can be awakened within us all. If enough can realize the truth, we can take action and exorcise our power to change the world. We can rid ourselves of the delusions and insanity that would destroy us. We can put solutions into action that will promote life for humanity and the planet we need to survive.

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