Art Samples by Robert Heston

Bad Mountain Brew

This is a band that a friend of mine from Mt. Airy, NC has. He had that b&w photo from the prohibition era and wanted it worked into a logo design. I use to work with him in a machine shop and tolsd him that I would do it... so, now, I finally did. This work was done in Adobe Photoshop with just a little help from Adobe Illustrator.

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December 2014

The Village Spirit

I designed this using Adobe InDesign. The articles were current at the time and are copied from independent news sites. All the photos and much of the art was found on the internet. I created the Satan for President and Monsanto ads and put together the collages. I designed the main logo by redrawing the image from an old color pencil drawing of mine. I may revisit something like this when time allows. The news, since then, has pretty much grown worse. Most people seem to be ignorant of such things and try to keep it that way…
bad idea!

This is a cropped/thumbnail of page 1 of 24. The InDesign pages were rasterized (converted to pictures) in Photoshop for viewing on the web. The entire document can be viewed here: Village Spirit

December of 2013

Cosmic Regatta

I recently took a Photoshop class as part of the Web Technologies curriculum at Forsyth Tech. This was my final project. We were to create a flyer or poster advertising a special even… and be creative along with using certain tricks of the trade. I had been using Photoshop since it came out, but was surprised to discover some really good things I was missing about it.

The two logo designs were drawn as outlines/solids in Adobe Illustrator and I did the rest in Photoshop CC.

The original will print an 18" x 27" poster.

A viewable image of it can be found here:
The Cosmic Regatta

Summer Semester 2014


Removing Blemishes

The girl on the left has freckles and the photo is a little scratched up. Using certain tools in Photoshop, I was able to repair the photo and remove the freckles while adding a little warmth to the color.

A large version can be viewed here:

Summer Semester 2014

Harmonizing Color

There were a few other tricks with this one other than adjusting the color. There were two seperate pictures to work from. The picture of the man was cropped and straightened then superimposed onto the one with the woman.

The originals and a large version of the completed file can be viewed here:
Harmonizing Color

Summer Semester 2014










The "No Fuss Gourmet" Restaurant

This project required the design of two logos and an ad using it. The ads were to contain certain verbiage and be of the type layout used here. It’s all done in Photoshop. I like the logos I came up with, but I would have designed the layout differently and I do not really like the way these are. I know I can do much better.

A larger image can viewed here:
No Fuss Gourmet

Summer Semester 2014











Moving People in Photos

Here I took a couple of old, family photos and cropped the people out and placed them into another photo. Not as easy as you might think. I already had some practice with that, but it had been a while.

There were color issues and a glaring, green lense flare on the landscape photo.

You can view a large one and the original pictures here: Moving People in Photos

Summer Semester 2014


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