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An Introduction to Wordpress

How to build websites with Wordpress is certainly no secret. It is designed with the novice in mind. It is very user friendly compared to the traditional methods for building websites. However, user friendly does not mean it can be mastered without a significant amount of work. It does make building websites possible for anyone with good, basic computer skills, an aptitude for it, and the time to learn.

When you hear about themes, plugins, and drag and drop page builders it is easy to imagine dropping in some images, pasting in a little text, and clicking some buttons while making a few decisions about the arrangement. It’s not quite that simple so I have provided some video to give you a good picture of what Wordpress is like.

Hopefully I’m not defeating my purpose by revealing this information. After viewing a small percentage of you just might decide to take the challenge. For me, it is a way to assemble a lot of complicated components in a relatively short amount of time. If I build a site by writing code, just one character can be wrong or missing and it can steal valuable time trying to figure out where I went wrong. The Wordpress components are usually going to work immediately and I did not need to write a lot of code to get them.

Enjoy the videos and if you have decided not to become a Wordpress developer right now, do give me a call.

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How to Use WordPress | WordPress Tutorial for Beginners | 45:39 Minutes

How to Make Your Own Website from Scratch | 2:02:46 Hours

How to Make a Business Website | 1:34:39 Hours