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What are the advantages and disadvantages of using a fixed page layout?

It looks like static pages are on the way out. Such a large portion of the public use small devices, the pages of a website need to fit them as well as the the larger computer monitors if the site is going to get a significant amount of exposure. If the pages are designed to fit only on the comparitively larger computer screens, there are going to be all sorts of problems.

Smaller devices may have high resolution screens so the pages get shrunk down to very small. Tezt can be too small to read and interactive elements be practically impossible to work with. Even if everything manages to be barely usable and readable, chances are the pages will require a lot of scrolling back and forth. The attention span of people in general has grown much shorter these days so unless they reall have to browse that static site, it is most likely they will just pass it over.

Designing for the intranet of a large company where everyone will be using company desktop or laptop computers would be one venue for web pages carved in stone. It could be overly complicated or even impossible to take some types of forms, charts, graphs, presentations, or other materials and make them work on a small tablet or cell phone.

There can more creative freedom if you know that your pages will always be viewed on the larger screens. It will also make for quicker work. Unfortunately, there is no such things as one size fits all.

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