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Apache2 server assistance
Apache Lounge "Apache Lounge is all about the Apache Web Server provided by the Apache Software Foundation (ASF) HTTPD Server Project." This site appears to have everything you could possibly need. Why go anywhere else. If I was going to really get into this, this is where I would start. News & Hangout, Ask Questions, Apache third-party Modules, Other Software, Coding & Scripting Corner, How-to's & Documentation & Tips, Apache Building & Member Downloads, Apache Webmaster Tools & Utilities, Hardware & Networking, and more. I want to sign up and be a member!
Apache HTTP Server Version 2.4 Documentation This page from the Apache Project has all the official documentation… Release Notes from versions 2.0 through 2.4, a list of Reference Manuals, Users' Guide with a long list of topics/catagories, several How-To / Tutorials, Platform Specific Notes, and several Other Topics. If I knew enough to understand the texts, I could probably be on my way to "Apache Guru" status. I would still be using Apache Lounge as well.
YouTube I had not used it, but it looks like it could be an excellent resource. The link here is a search for “Learning Apache 2 for Windows.” As I try to learn how to use this server software, I could probably query just about any question, issue, or problem I run into and there would likely be an instructional video about it. Apache class on demand.
The Site Wizard This site looks like a handy how-to for learning many things about Apache 2. It does not have everything you need to know and its focus is on private use for testing purposes. “This installation guide is meant for people who want to install Apache for private offline use, such as to test your own scripts or website on your own machine. It is not intended for you to set up a "live" website that is connected to the Internet.” They didn’t design the pages for looks, but there’s a lot of info there. The text has links throughout to other pages and there are lists of article pages that cover a lot issues. It looks to be worth some time to use. This learning site offers video classes and tutorials about Apache and related subjects. Of the few that I found, this one appeared to be about the best. The video courses can be anywhere from five minutes to more than five hours long. Most are about an hour to an hour and a half or two to three hours. I searched for “Apache 2 course” and got 361 results. Most are the longer sessions. I looked for a structured, organized, progressive course/class and did not find it. I would search more and even contact the company because they probably have it. It would cost about $25.00 a month and would obviously be a very good companion to using something like the Apache Lounge and these other sites.
For Dummies? You would think they would have have the "for dummies" book and there was. I looked for books on the subject and most of them were very outdated. The one for our class showed up and except for that one, there's not much else I would care to buy. We visit these things in school and learn some about them then move on to something else and I find myself wanting to really learn some of those things. Apache is one of those. Databases is another though that presents quite a challenge for me. Such things, for me and likely for many others, would/will require devoting as much time as possible and a dose of obsession might be required.
CGI assistance - CGI Essential Training This looks like a very good video course for CGI. The course also comes with exercise files for hands on learning. Access to this site for anything they offer is $25 per month or $19 per month when paid by the year. This may not be the only thing I would use, but it looks to be good enough to be a major part of the learning process. I would choose this. This and a few other courses there are conducted by a guy named Bill Weinman and they say he is good at explaining the complicated, technical issues in easily understood terms… my kind of instructor! - Perl Tutorial - Perl/CGI script with Apache2 I do not know what Pearl and CGI is but it looks like they go together. This site has a very in-depth Pearl tutorial that includes endless links to pages of related subjects and parts of this tutorial which include a page about CGI. The texts are full of code examples with directions and explanations. The CGI section explains how to enable it with the Apache server and implement the first script. - Apache Tutorial: Dynamic Content with CGI

From the Apache Software Foundation, this is an introduction to setting up CGI on your Apache web server, and getting started writing CGI programs. In one, long page it appears to describe and explain all the basics in making this work with the server. There are also links to resources that are useful. - Ovid's CGI Course This looks like a good lesson plan of seven lessons in learning CGI. Hey, there was the user name, password thingy! The lessons appear to give good directions and explanations along with code examples and generous links to related resources throughout the texts. - PERL and CGI Tutorial This is an extensive Pearl tutorial that includes this rather long page about CGI. This page offers a lengthy explanation of basic CGI with code examples and a couple of rich resource links at the bottom.
CGI Module -- Berkeley
Learning CGI? There is not much in the way of learning resources devoted exclusively to CGI unless it is part of Pearl. I would probably go with the first so I could have someone explain it to though what I have read just by scanning over the content of these sites makes its purpose and use fairly eveident. Again.... some sort of structured learning where someone can actually explain it to you in the beginning and the process is a learning experience rather than a struggle to figure out what the hell your doing and this could be interesting and useful.
PHP assistance - PHP Tutorials There are many video tutorials or courses on learning PHP here. Many of them are several hours long. One of them is more than 14 hours. These are not simply videos. You click on one and you get a breakdown of the contents, audio with the transcript, and I assume there are the videos so each one is a class. I hesitate to get too involved because I don’t want to use up a free period and I do not have the time anyway. I may actually end up using this resource. - Introduction to PHP and MySQL Programming Course This provides a short course using video, audio, and text as an introduction to the subject. It is free. The courses at their site offer certifications. I see nothing else on this subject so it could function as the introduction. - PHP Tutorial: PHP/MySQL for Beginners If you have a little money then this might be the place to take a course in PHP. It is $99 for the course. It looks like 47 lectures. You get a video lecture and there is probably a lot more to it but my little preview was only for 5 minutes. They also have a discussion board. I assume you can remain on the course until you are done in your own time. I have a feeling it would worth the price. There were currently 960 people enrolled though not a lot of activity on the discussion board. I would be tempted to use it. There is also: Learn PHP Programming for Absolute Beginners for free. - PHP Tutorial

I like this one. It is 22 lesson tutorial on learning PHP from the beginning. You will need to know about HTML before taking this. If you don’t then you can take the HTML tutorial first. Each lesson opens to a page that goes through the subject of that lesson. The texts contain links to resources that enhance learning. It appears to be easily understood and should be a good starting place to learn the subject. I might try this one before I drop $99 on the one above. - PHP 101: PHP for the Absolute Beginner This looks like another excellent tutorial that starts at the beginning for PHP. It has 15 lessons that open to very long web pages. The texts include related resource links. This is another one I might choose to begin learning the subject and possibly over the previous one above.
HTML assistance
Lynda.comsearch for “html courses" There were 53 results under “Courses.” It includes 1208 video tutorials. keeps coming up at the top of my searches in these subjects and it consistently looks like a very good place for learning. What looked like links to videos turned out to be links to structured tutorials using audio, video, and text. There is more than enough there to learn HTML then to move on to higher ground in many directions. Again, it is about $25 per month or $19 per month when paid by the year. - Learn HTML5 Programming from Scratch You usually have to pay something for their courses, but not for this one. It’s free! 46 lectures with 11 hours of video. I can’t critique it without signing up and I don’t want to spoil that. It promises to be a very good learning experience on the subject and I wish I had found it a long time ago… like before I took that class at the tech. I’m sure they have one on CSS. In fact, for $299 I could become a "Professional Web Developer" with 315 lectures and 48 hours of video. There is a more advanced course after that. - HTML Tutorial I like this one a lot better than W3Schools. The tutorial site has a left column with links to tutorial pages on about every aspect of HTML you would want to learn. Scanning over a couple of the pages and viewing the text, I see that the extensive wording does a good job of making the subject matter easily understood. Where was this site when I needed it? I may yet need it at some point. - Free Web Design Course Why just learn HTML? CSS pretty much comes with it and this looks like a complete course in both and it is free. It looks like all text. There are 11 sections with anywhere from 5 to 11 tutorials in each. Pretty basic stuff and a reasonably good place to learn some basics. - Learning HTML It is an online textbook with 15 chapters for learning HTML. The last chapter introduces CSS. The contents look a lot like part of the textbook from school. It is free. It also introduces CGI, Java, ActiveX, VBScript, and planning and implementing websites. Looks like a pretty place to learn about building web pages and sites for a beginner. They are selling books for software applications and the cd’s, but their stuff is way outdated so this site may just be waiting for its time to run out. If I was going to use it, I would make contact first because it could disappear.
IIS 7.0 assistance - Windows Server - Learn About IIS 7 It’s a Microsoft server application so this may be a good place to learn about it. This page has a multitude of organized links that appear to offer about everything you would need to know for learning how to use the application. I think the application may be free. It looks like all the linked information here may also be free. It reads a lot like a manual but much of it is geared towards learning. You can click on one category or subject and get a page full of information and every paragraph might have a link to another resource that further expands on the subject therein. I would expect to spend quite a lot of time there. It might otherwise make a great companion and reference guide. - Becoming a Web Pro Black Belt – Mastering IIS and Other Essential Web Technologies Here is a course in IIS7, and I see 7.5 in there, with 46 video tutorials. They should be about 10 minutes apiece. The list of links has the subject of each video with each link. This might be a good one to make a bookmark for and check it along with another resource. - Learn IIS 7 This site has the Microsoft logo up there. Looks like a complete website about IIS so everything you need to know should be there. They have downloads, but I don’t see the main application. It may actually be for sale, I don’t know. There’s some free stuff. This is definitely a site to have handy if you’re going to use this server application.
Manning Publications - Learn Windows IIS in a Month of Lunches

It’s a book. After looking at the other, official sites and seeing how the information seems to go on forever, having a handy reference book around might be helpful. It is based on 24 lessons so it may be much more helpful than those sites by offering a learning path that could likely put things together that you might otherwise never get from the endless websites. You’ll need to already be knowledgeable as a server manager to some degree, but not in this one. One thing that stands out about this particular book is that it was published in December of 2013. That is much newer than many of the other books available. - Internet Information Services (IIS) 7.0 Administrator's Pocket Consultant

This little book may be even handier than the previous one. There really is not much more out there on the net as a good resource for this unless you specify some narrow aspect for using this server. At 2:45 AM, I couldn’t say it much better myself: “Here’s the eminently practical, pocket-sized reference for IT and Web professionals working with IIS 7.0. Designed for quick referencing and compulsively readable, this portable guide covers all the basics needed for Web administration fundamentals, Web server administration, essential services administration, and performance, optimization, and maintenance. It’s the fast-answers guide that helps users consistently save time and energy as they administer IIS 7.0.”