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Photo of soldiers carrying the country flags of NATO

"Fascism and Propaganda"


Articles like the ones I post links to here at my website and in my social media accounts may soon go away. Not only that, they could become illegal. Anything the government does not like people saying about them could become illegal. "The Land of the Free" is on the way out. Our Corporate State has been circling our rights and freedoms like they are circling Russia and China. They, our rulers, have been chipping away at those rights and freedoms ever harder recently. Remember Freedom of Speech? It is about to become a memory. Obama signed the Countering Disinformation and Propaganda Act. Now, anything and anyone that speaks out against the government or speaks about any truth the government does not want people to hear, the government can legally shut them up. They can shut down their website, cut off their social media account, stop their printing, or whatever they do to communicate to the public. They will just call it foreign propaganda from enemy countries and take it out.

Recently we have been developing some new enemies and a new Cold War. Beginning with our actions in the Ukraine, we have targeted Russia. We supported a military coup that took out a democratic government and we spent a lot of tax dollars leading up to it. We spent much more on the ensuing war. The top prize would have been Crimea where the Russians have a naval base and access to the Mediterranean. The US and NATO went on to support a war of the Western Ukraine, greatly supported by Neo Nazi militias, against the Russian speaking Eastern Ukraine. The US tried to blame Russia for the whole thing. I believe Russia did supply some support to the East, but the Russian military never entered the Ukraine. The West was beaten back after much slaughter. The US supplied missiles with white phosphorous war heads for the Nazi's to use against towns and villages full of innocent people. Of course, there were military fighting back. The US hoped to gain ground against Russia's border along with Crimea. Crimea separated from Ukraine and stayed with Russia. I will hazard a guess that the Western forces did not try attacking Crimea, one: because of the Russian military presence and two: because it would create a real war with Russia.

Hillary Clinton compared Putin to Adolf Hitler while accusing him of making a move through the Ukraine to invade Europe. Nothing could have been further from the truth. Later, during her campaign for President, Russia was accused of hacking DNC emails and influencing the outcome of the election. The "evidence" shown to back it up was preposterous and contained no real evidence of such. One aspect is that the IP addresses identified could have been used by anyone. At best, the situation is questionable. According to Chris Hedges there are four reasons for the US accusations of email hacking as described in this relatively brief article from 01/08/2017: The Real Purpose of the U.S. Government’s Report on Alleged Hacking by Russia and they are very good and worth the reading.

The US and NATO has since been installing military bases equipped with missiles aimed at Russia through Eastern Europe. NATO has made itself a very real threat to Russia. Western propaganda –that's right, the US has propaganda—has continued to demonize and threaten Russia. We have, in effect, begun the creation of a new Cold War based on all manner of lies. The US implemented sanctions against Russia. One effect of that was Russia's development of agriculture from which they have become the largest wheat producer in the world. Another strategy used by the West has been to lower the price of oil. The Russian economy depends heavily on oil and Russia is the largest oil exporter in the world. Putin has consistently taken the high ground in the face of US threats, accusations, insults, and actions. I appreciate the possible source of my disintegration having some restraint. Unless Washington has back engineered extraterrestrial technology to the point of being able to take out all nuclear missiles while taking over the world, some restraint might be in order on our end. Ignoring Russia Warnings, US Walking Towards New Abyss in Syria – 10/11/2016

Combine with this the US military's “Pivot to Asia.” Another foe developing, China. The US has been working its way through the middle East, Southeast Asia, around Australia, and from Japan to surround China. What’s the purpose? Some speculate a world war. I doubt it though, if things are not done carefully, war could potentially break out. The warmongers in Washington have gone so far as to threaten it on occasion. But, no, I feel sure that war is not the goal. The afore linked article from 12/15/2016 can describe it much better: The U.S. Military's Role in Asia in the Age of Trump and this one provides a lengthy description of our agenda: Delusionary Washington: The Desperate Plight of a Declining Superpower.

The war is economic. Russia, China, Iran, and their other allies do not want to play dollar anymore. The dollar standard! The single largest reason the dollar has value in this world. Everyone trades in dollars. Or, they did. Our new Cold War "enemies" do not like the dollar anymore. The creation of BRICS is most evident of that. It is also the root cause for our attacks against some of the Middle Eastern countries we have decimated. Gadhafi was a wicked SOB, but the favored citizens of Libya lived well with many benefits, but Gadhafi did not want to play dollar. Saddam Hussein was another wicked SOB who did not want to play dollar anymore. Syria is another and we have been playing some very dirty pool around there the last several years. There are others. Some South American countries prefer our "enemies." The "B" in BRICS is Brazil. The US has been hard at work down there though. Doing what we have been doing for a very long time, government coups and other influence appears to be bringing much of that area back around to us.

The pieces move around on the chessboard and that defines the underlying structure but everyone is doing business with everyone else. A world war would be very bad for business! Rise above the level of borders, military bases, and government influence and what do you find? You find wealth and power that knows no borders. Therein lies power that can be rooted in many countries while holding no allegiance, at least to the people, of any single country. Once Bill Clinton signed off on NAFTA, free trade opened a world of possibilities for the most rich while stealing away the wealth and opportunity for the American and European people. Third world countries are developing and we, as a people, are increasingly in competition with them. Our economy is hollowed out and our sovereignty is going away. Our corporations and politicians are traitors to the American people and we grow ever more powerless. Knowledge is power and the process has begun to take that away from us.

You, the American public, are losing your right to be informed. You will no longer have the right to learn the truth about what is happening in the world and what your government is up to. Real investigative journalists may become a thing of the past. They almost already are in our mass media. It's not much of a leap to speculate that people trying to get the truth out will have their computers hacked and seized, any related equipment seized, get arrested and charged as terrorists, and get thrown into jail and prison. You will lose your power to have any real freedom because you will no longer have any way of knowing what is going on. Maybe you just ignore the news and would never bother to go find and read independent journalism like some of us. Soon it may not be there anymore and we will be cut off.

You are just little worker bees serving your rich rulers. You will be on a need to know basis and you will not need to know very much. All you'll need to know is how to behave right and serve your rulers. It will be easy. Your TV, newspapers, magazines, movies, and things you can still find on the internet will tell you what to think and believe. Like what is already happening to a relatively large degree, everything you are exposed to for information will follow government guidelines to eventually wash away rebellious thoughts, beliefs, behaviors, and actions from the public. As far as everyone will know, our government will be doing a great job and we can proudly support whatever they want and otherwise work hard to keep our rulers wealthy and in complete control.

Anyone who tries to cause trouble and get in the way of that will be criminals. If we hear anyone saying bad things or criticizing our rulers, we can just tell the police and they will get rid of them for us. Our version of the Russian KGB, or the Hongweibing under Mao Zedong in China, or the Gestapo in Nazi Germany, or the OVRA under the Fascist dictator Benito Mussolini will be our own secret police, the NSA and/or parts of the FBI and maybe they will come up with a whole new set of officers for the Global Engagement Center. The Countering Disinformation and Propaganda Act, introduced by Republican Sen. Rob Portman of Ohio, establishes the Global Engagement Center under the State Department. Obama signed off on it and the Washington Post already published a list of news outlets that it accuses of being propagandists for the Russians... some of which who use award winning investigative journalists who are not controlled by corporate money or the government by writing and producing for independent news outlets.

The public has been manipulated with fear. Fear of enemies. Enemies of our own creation. Fascism needs enemies and will create them. Enemies that can serve as a unifying factor for those under fascism’s rule. For Nazi Germany it was the Jews. For us it will be the terrorists, the Muslims, the refugees, and, perhaps the illegal aliens. Chris Hedges writes, “The machinery of the security and surveillance state, the use of special terrorism laws and the stripping of civil liberties become ubiquitous. The lofty rhetoric of liberty and the reality of the chains readied for the public creates magic realism. Reality and the language describing reality are soon antipodal. The pseudo-democracy is populated with pseudo-legislators, pseudo-courts, pseudo-journalists, pseudo-intellectuals and pseudo-citizens. Nothing is as it is presented.” And, there are real reasons for real fear, “The coming arrests mean that a wide range of Americans will experience the violations that poor people of color have long endured. Self-interest alone should have generated sweeping protest, should have made the nation as a whole more conscious. We should have understood: Once rights become privileges that the state can revoke, they will eventually be taken away from everyone. Now those who had been spared will get a taste of what complicity in oppression means.” These quotes are from: When Fear Comes – 01/08/2017.

The propaganda has already been happening for a long time. It has been coming from our mass media. Not Even Cowards—Zombies – 08/04/2013 and How Mental Conditioning Has Created a Silent, Passive American Society – 07/11/2013 – The mass media news agencies are leaving all sorts of critical issues out of the news. When they do bring something up, they will twist that truth around, leave parts of it out, and put the Corporate State slant on it so you will know how and what to think. That’s called propaganda. Is my favorite, independent news sites Russian Propagandists? I think not. Their many articles hold the ring of truth based in facts and written by many highly qualified, investigative journalists. And, they will inform you of the many issues you will never know about from the mass media.

What can I suggest as a solution? Activism. We have taken our country for granted and it is being stolen away from us. Our wealth, sovereignty, rights, and freedom are all going away. It is happening incrementally and the mass media hides it from us. We are responsible for this country and that responsibility requires participation. By not using it, we are losing it. The people of this country can still be the real power. At the moment we can still become an informed public. I provided links here with the Village Spirit Main Page. An Informed Public Is the Greatest Weapon of Democracy – Los Angeles Times The mass media will no longer tell you what you need to know. The time to act is now. I provided a good starting point with the Village Spirit Activism Page. And, you never know, we could be in for a big surprise. Maybe the government will create the National Anti-Propaganda Center and they will be very careful to make sure the only thing they deal with is real, foreign propaganda while preserving free speech and freedom of information for all Americans. That would be a surprise. Maybe they will call in Maxwell Smart and Agent 99 too? Just turn on the TV news, according to CONTROL, KAOS is at it again!

Photo of soldiers carrying the country flags of NATO

"A Dream of Fascism and the Ensuing Nightmare"


FASCISM - Something that is developing in the United States and in other very significant places in the western world. It is a form of governance that grows out of greed and an insatiable lust for power. It is a symptom of overpopulation. It grows out of fear and rules with fear. It will divide populations and conquer them. Those same populations will call for it and vote for it and if the fascists have done their job and their propaganda is good, those populations will never know what they have really asked for until it is too late and they are powerless to change it. It is a marriage of the state and the wealthiest corporations and banks. The divisions will be of the followers, the patriots, those who follow by marching to the tune of nationalism... and everyone else. Everyone else will mostly live in poverty. Many followers will as well. Parts of everyone else will have to be the bad guy. The followers will need someone to unite against. Part of everyone else will speak out against fascism's tyranny and they will be demonized and criminalized. Others will expose fascism's corruption and it will be the same for them and worse. The bad guys will revolt and they will be slaughtered. Racism and fear will be the modus operandi for anger, hate, oppression, and war. The corporate state will rule the masses with complete control and those who do not follow, those who do not salute their flags and praise their rulers will be rejected, brutalized, imprisoned, deported, tortured, shot, and bombed. The ultimate goal will be to assimilate all other countries and surround the resisters and conquer them. Fascism's greatest military will conquer the world!!... and the masses will become its willing slaves.

The New World Order can begin. The rulers, never seen, will have their fascist tyrants manage the countries. Countries, but not quite countries. To the rulers they are just plantations that speak different languages. Society will be divided into classes. The poorest will die young. Most will be workers and most of them will be poor. Dissenters will be taken out quickly and harshly. The rulers will have eyes and ears everywhere. The oceans will be dead or dying. The air will be thick with pollution around the heavily populated and major manufacturing areas. Airborne pollution will be everywhere to some degree. The climate will be hot and growing hotter. Croplands will be depleted by fertilizers and drought. The poorest will starve to death by the millions. The soil, the air, the water, and food will all be toxic to varying degrees. Fresh water will grow scarce. Life expectancy for most will grow shorter. Prisoners will either become slaves or be executed. Dwindling resources will require it. The rulers will control the media and the people will only know what the rulers want them to know. The rulers will control education and the people will only learn what the rulers want them to learn. Now powerless and ignorant, the people will have very little choice in their predicament. Conquered and controlled, revolution by the people is all but impossible.

This is the sort of thing fascism and the corporate state is taking us to. The ruler's disregard for the environment will ultimately be their undoing. Devastation of food resources, saturation of the environment with toxic elements, and the release of Arctic methane should end it all before the above description can go very far.

The nightmare is that this has already begun.

With these two articles, you can learn much about the process of fascism developing in the United States. You can also learn about the development of totalitarianism, now and from the past.

The Illusion of Freedom

Article by Chris Hedges - Aug 18, 2016

Reform or Revolution

Article by Chris Hedges - May 22, 2016

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"Bernie and the Money Changers"


I really had hoped that Bernie was going to get that nomination. Unfortunately, the "Money Changers" were in control all along. It was obvious that more people liked Bernie than liked Hillary. All you had to do was look at the turnout to their separate events. The final decision was not that of the people, it was from the delegates. Many of them had agendas that had nothing to do with the will of the people. The party name of Democrat has very little or nothing to do with democracy. It was/is all about money and influence. Like the Republican Party, it's the money and the "Money Changers" (Wall Street) that are really running things. The pictures that their lead actors paint (the candidates) are just the latest con job to keep the public distracted, under control, and fooled into believing they have a democracy and that voting decides the outcome. Even if a true count of the votes does decide who will be President, the choice is just one Wall Street puppet or the other. Someone with the values and ethics of Bernie Sanders would be, not unlike Jesus, an enemy truly feared by those proverbial Money Changers.

In spite of his definite lead over Hillary among the public, he was never going to be selected. Perhaps the official vote count (of the public) from the various states was a majority for Hillary. If so, I would have to wonder if that count was real. That process is easily corrupted and I have no doubt that it has been and will be.

Bernie’s unfortunate use of the word ‘socialism’ may have done as much to sabotage his campaign as the corrupted Democratic National Convention he was part of. A public that has chosen to remain ignorant never even knew, or knows, what Democratic Socialism --not simply Socialism-- is! The very things that this public wants could be had with a majority of representatives having the same philosophy as Sanders. And, that same willful ignorance by the public will guarantee it never gets what it wants!!!

If you are reading this then, by all means, use this link to read about Democratic Socialism. It is not a way for the government to control everything, but a way for the people to be in control. It is not a way to maintain a welfare state where lots of people are taken care of by the state and never have to work. It is not the old USSR or China. It is a way for the people to control the wealth and politics of a country and not the rich and the corporations by virtue of the corrupted state. Done correctly, it can allow for everything the people of this country hope for.

There is one problem that will cause the quality of life to be reduced for an ever growing percentage of the population no matter what sort of politics are in force... overpopulation. By not controlling population growth, we insure the increase of all our problems and we make any possible solutions that much more impossible. Allowing wealth and prosperity for most or all the people would only serve to speed up the process of overpopulation. The resources we depend on to manufacture much of what we use will begin to run out… and are going to. Renewable resources, such as food, will no longer be enough. Increased use of fossil fuels will [and it is going to anyway] warm the environment so that it kills us. Transitioning, in time, to environmentally friendly, renewable energy would only prolong our existence to the point where the planet cannot sustain our increased numbers.

Bernie was going to be the enemy of Wall Street and the most-wealthy. It simply was not going to happen, but if he were to actually become President, I have no doubt that he would be assassinated. We have not had one of those in a long time. Since Vietnam, Americans no longer unite to stand up against the government. The government has become more corrupt than ever before and the public no longer has the will to defend its democracy to an effective degree. Thanks to the great propaganda machine, the mass media, the majority of the public is ignorant and has no real knowledge of what is happening to this country.

Of course, there are real solutions. From the looks of it, we will never use them.

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"And we're lost in America" or is it "America is lost?"

I was reading an article at another independent news site and someone commented by quoting the words of Ann Rand and in her time these words held a ring of truth:
"To the glory of mankind, there was, for the first and only time in history, a country of money--and I have no higher, more reverent tribute to pay to America, for this means: a country of reason, justice, freedom, production, achievement. For the first time, man's mind and money were set free, and there were no fortunes-by-conquest, but only fortunes-by-work, and instead of swordsmen and slaves, there appeared the real maker of wealth, the greatest worker, the highest type of human being--the self-made man--the American industrialist."
"If you ask me to name the proudest distinction of Americans, I would choose--because it contains all the others--the fact that they were the people who created the phrase 'to make money'. No other language or nation had ever used these words before; men had always thought of wealth as a static quantity--to be seized, begged, inherited, shared, looted or obtained as a favor. Americans were the first to understand that wealth has to be created. The words 'to make money' hold the essence of human morality."
The commenter had this to say beforehand:
"Here is why we are exceptional. We aren't, like all other nations, founded by a mere accident of history. We are founded on the ideas that men can rule themselves. That we can deal with each other by trade, instead of force! That we can create, not just take."
So I had this to say in reply:
Yes, it WAS... now they make money out of thin air. Now 'they' are on the take! They need a hundred-billion bucks, they print some bonds over at the Treasury Department... the capitalist "Madonna" just got pregnant. But, she's no virgin. Immaculate Conception of the Billions-Dollar-Baby. So, they take the bonds over to the Federal Reserve and---'CONGRATULATIONS Mizz Madonna', it's a Hundred-Billion-Dollars-Baby! Let's just go down to the printing department and watch the birth. Now, let's grow up fast'.
Mr. Bank has all these clients that need all these expensive things. They have been and intend to work hard, but they really, really need to get that American Dream, so Mr. Bank is going to loan them a piece of that Billion-Dollar-Baby Pie.
Mr. Bank goes over to the Fed and says: "I need fifty-million bucks to loan my clients."
Mr. Fed says:
"Now that's what I'm talking about! Here ya' go Mr. Bank. Now just bring that fifty-million back soon, oh, and keep the change."
Billion-Dollar-Baby just got a job. Now our baby says, in the famous words of our fictional Mr. Forest Gump, "I'm somebody!" Except, in this case, that value of "somebody" is debt.
Now that use to be okay. It was like priming a great, economic engine that produced, and I mean PRODUCED, real, visible, physical, pick it up, wind it up, crank it up and go with it products. But things have changed. 60,000+ factories said:
"Thanks America! You have made us great so now it's time to dump you suckers and keep all the dollars for ourselves so screw you, good luck!"
Now the grand American dream is dying. The banks and producers have a whole new plan... and "making money" has a whole new meaning. Debt takes on a value of its own and spins in a vortex around a perpetual economic motion machine called Wall Street like billions of bats... feeding, haphazardly in a frenzy on all the little insects ...90% of the American population. BUT, there is one really, really, big problem on the horizon! It is rising from the East... Russia, China, Iran, that big "Mid" section, "others", and a growing loss of faith in the "Emperor God" [everywhere] and his immaculate babies. It is the light of reason that threatens to make the bats scurry for cover, perhaps in the comfort of their cave with a floor knee deep in dollars.
Like it says in Deuteronomy 4:24, "For the LORD your God is a consuming fire, a jealous God." ...and he's got the biggest military the world has ever seen... and he ain't afraid to use it, baby! And, he destroys our enemies, the terrorist infidels, with a vengeance and the people are proud. He creates saviors, every four years except with the Emperor God, the only thing that gets crucified is their words... oh, and a handful of dissenters over in His beloved Arabia.
Now, the priests are filthy rich and grow richer as they preach their propaganda to the peasants, the neo-slaves. They say:
"Look what God has made for you, reason, justice, freedom, production, achievement! Be proud and fight for your God and vote for your savior! ...Amen."
But, those dollars and that pride are hollow. Their value is an illusion. The barbarian hordes are growing strong. The great bread basket is losing ground, literally. (Russia is the largest grain producer in the world today and headed toward being that for oil and natural gas).
Anyway, the great America has been and is being hollowed out... as is Europe. The infidels will die and peasants will suffer, and the Emperor God just might shine his nuclear light all over the world. For the peasant-slaves, the American dream is just a dream and for the wealthy priests in the Church of Wall Street, it's "Business as Usual!"---Enjoy Don Henley as he sings two proverbs for our neoliberal, authoritarian, totalitarian America. I'm sure he would be happy to have me play them for you in this context.
As you continue reading elsewhere and (if you enjoyed it, please do) when Henley is finished, Edwin McCain has a ballad for all you folks who may be "Lost in America."


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Edwin McCain & Steve Williams Band - Lost In America Business as Usual & Long Road Out of Eden

Photo, Vietnam, boy and girl running from napalm attack.

The Truth Now Hides

The little South Vietnamese girl had torn off her clothes because they were on fire from a napalm attack carried out by the US military. That is her brother running ahead. Countless children were incinerated or blown to bits by US bombs in that war. Photos like this made the news. Such things inflamed the emotions of the American people. Massive war protests ensued around the country. Of course, the death of our soldiers were at the forefront of reasons behind those protests. With that war, the US government learned to keep such things out of the news and they have.
In the last 16 years or so we have killed many times the number of children that died in the Vietnam war. Along with them, their mothers and countless innocent fathers. The complacent and docile American public appears to care nothing about it. For the most part, they know nothing of it. Your insidious, corrupt government hides truth of what it does from you. The mass media you depend on is practically worthless in providing the news. It is nothing but a propaganda machine.
The horrors that have been perpetrated in your name go beyond your imagination and none of it for the reasons you have been told. First the United States caused the death of 575,000 children in Iraq, then the US government killed the 3000 people in New York, then they proceeded to kill 1,000,000 people more in Iraq presumably because of New York and the imaginary WMD's and they have since gone on to slaughter another million people while losing wars in six more countries.
While doing these things they have been busy destroying our democracy and our economy yet the American public remains complacent. Our biggest two political candidates will continue us on this path. Of course they would have you think different of them.
Could you stomach the pictures of the tens of thousands of innocent children after they have been incinerated or blown apart by our bombs? And what about that of their parents? Collateral damage in defense of our nation, you say? Bullshit. Collateral damage numbering in the millions? Yeah, right.
The thing is, since Vietnam the corporate and government controlled media censor the news. Independent journalism that reports the facts, the truth, and includes photos like the one in this article is all but gone. The reporters and journalists are there to serve government and corporate interests. A great deal of what the public should know is left out or otherwise twisted into lies. The more “transparent” government that Obama promised hides more than ever. The syndicated press has become “presstitutes” …in the words of Dr. Paul Craig Roberts. The mass media is a propaganda machine designed to keep the American public complacent and compliant. It is part of a trend with the largest corporations and the wealthiest increasingly controlling our government and those of every country in NATO. It is not a conspiracy theory. It is real.

We (you) are on the verge of completely losing this country to a power that has and is orchestrating an illusion that an ignorant American public is falling for. We have been robbed of our wealth and true power... economically and through corrupted law decimating the Constitution and Bill of Rights. It continues incrementally and mostly out of the awareness of a public that has been suckered by the biggest con game in history.

Will you continue to do nothing, remain complacent, and let yourself be conned by the criminals that have gotten control of this country? Will you vote for one of the two puppets that would be your President? There are 2 alternatives to that, Gary Johnson or Jill Stein. You haven't heard much about them in the bullshit machine called the mass media. There are Independent and Green Party candidates who would actually seek to represent the people and not just lie to them then represent the money they have been bribed with and that otherwise rules this country. Upon further investigation, Gary Johnson would make a really pathetic president... kind of like a super greedy Republican on steroids. "Idependent" sounds good and everything, but, upon further investigation, he is actually just on the take, corruption waiting to happen. And, Jill? Well, she is honest and truly wants a lot of the best things but would, in reality, be very ineffective since Congress and most of the totally corrupted political system would be against her. So, there's really nothing good that can work to actually change things in favor of the people and the planet. Trump may actualy want to improve the plight of the the American people, but the "machine" is not going to let him.
That child was fortunate to be alive. Her parents were killed. I recall seeing it in print in 1972. It shocked many Americans. I know you would not want to see my collection of photos of dead children killed by the US military and Israel in the Middle East. I have many. A few hundred of them are in the slideshow below. I believe that particular bombing in Vietnam had been a mistake. I do not seek to pass judgment on our troops at all. Certainly not! They follow orders. The politicians and the generals are a different story entirely. I knew I had that photo in my collection so I wrote my little article and posted it. It was discovery of this article that moved me to do so. Facebook Under Fire for Censoring One of the Most Iconic War Photos
Note: I decided not to censor the one thing that could be an issue with this photo these days. They didn't censor it in 1972 and I will not do it here. I did fix it for Facebook. It wouldn't surprise me if they tried to charge me with posting kiddie-porn if I didn't do it there.
   ...Rob - Saturday, 09/10/2016

Here, the first photo shows the burns on the girl that was running from the napalm attack. The second photo is the one that was used everywhere in the news back in the 1970's.
2nd Photo, Vietnam, boy and girl running from napalm attack. 2nd Photo, Vietnam, boy and girl running from napalm attack.
Have a look at a tiny fraction of what the United States and Israel has done in recent years. There were so many resulting from what Israel has done I was compelled to add them in. They are a murderous lot, not far from their Nazi oppressors from the past. The Nazi's were just more intelligent and creative. I doubt you will get very far if you try. There are 307 photos here and I found 2 that repeat. About half of these photos are Israel killing Palestinians. They bomb their cities while targeting schools and hospitals. They sometimes use Palastinian children for target practice and just plain fun to shoot at. A small percentage of the photos do not directly depict dead children. Multiply these hundreds of photos by tens of thousands then you can add those 575,000 children to it that died from US sanctions to Iraq before the war and you will have some idea of the carnage we have perpetrated against more innocent people than not. We killed about one million innocent people during the first part of the Iraq war and have gone on to kill about another million more in many countries since then. You can add to that tens of millions of refugees from Middle Eastern countries we have attacked and destroyed. Some are a direct result of our actions and some are because of our enemies. Enemies we have created. Right now there are about 40 million refugees world wide for many different reasons. Since WWII we, the US, have killed about 20 million people in our various wars.

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"To any and all political representatives in the United States"


Thanks to discovering the independent news sites, I have become well informed and able to write this letter to my representatives in Washington. I am from the Winston Salem area of North Carolina so I sent this to: Thom Tillis, Richard Burr, Virginia Foxx, and President Obama. I had to truncate by leaving out the first three paragraphs to fit the form for the President. I wish everyone would become informed and be willing to speak out.

It is truly hard to believe our country has come to this. On the other hand, I was born in the late 1950's and I have watched all this progress since I was growing up in the 60's. I watched the bullet hit John Kennedy in the head as they broadcast his ride in the motorcade, live, in 1963. I had recently turned 6 years old. I was home sick from school. It is very likely there was corruption behind Kennedy's death. No doubt there would be corrupted motivations behind events to come and up until present day.

My vote is against the TPP, TTIP, and TISA.

To any and all political representatives in the United States,

The TPP will only serve to create even more damage to our country than its predecessor. "NAFTA is the reason why some 60,000 American factories closed since 2001 as manufacturers shifted jobs to low-wage nations overseas and 4.7 million American jobs disappeared."

"Why would we pass legislation that would undermine democracy and allow corporations to challenge laws designed to protect the public?" The politicians would have me trust the likes of those who would turn their backs on this country and ruin the economy? Those corporations' very existence is by virtue of the American worker. They took what we have built and defected to another country. They are traitors and my government representatives want to give them the keys to the kingdom? The business man was a thief of the highest order. The politician want to use their power as a government official to give traitors control of my government. In my book that not only makes the politician a traitorous thief, but a treasonous dog. And they have my best interest at heart? They are concerned about me having a good paying job? Well, they just said "jobs." They didn't say the "jobs" would be worth a damn.

Why would you vote away your power to create and enact law? As a representative employed by the citizens of this country, you are entrusted to defend and protect the constitution and the citizens. Do you represent the people of this country or just the corporations and the richest 1% of the population? "Fast Track is an abrogation of not only Congress' constitutional authority, but of its responsibility to the American people." "The rules that govern our trade and investment strategies have been and would be rigged by global companies and banks to benefit themselves, not American workers."


The power to vote on and participate in creating the laws of this country is temporarily granted to you by the citizens of this country. The power belongs to the citizens. It is not yours to give away. In my opinion, to give away such power to an outside entity such that you will be directed by them is treason. It means that you will have invited a foreign entity (international corporations) to take control of our system of democracy thereby rendering the will of the people null and void. It means that you will trade our democracy for a form of dictatorship.


At the very least, such an agreement will further damage the incomes of the American worker. They will be in competition with third world peasants for wages. It will, through deregulation, increasingly poison the environment and so the people. It will be extremely harmful to small and medium sized businesses. It will deplete the tax base and government services as it steals away tax dollars. It can only harm the economy. It will further inhibit and destroy not only the constitution but the bill of rights and serve only to enslave the entire population into ever increasing poverty and desperation. Given that all these things are already progressing in our country, there is no reason for anyone to believe the lies and false promises regarding any benefits that might be derived from it.


It is obvious that most of you constantly work against the will of the people that you have been charged to represent. There is no doubt among us all that the leaders of the United States government have been thoroughly corrupted by greed and lust for power. Setting yourselves up as rulers rather than representatives is despicable and is certainly the very thing our forefathers warned us about and the very reason for this democracy in the first place. Allowing these corporations to loot our tax money in the name of profit is grand larceny on the largest scale. Subverting the smaller businesses throughout this country in favor of international corporations is tantamount to allowing enemy forces to infiltrate every corner of this country. Handing over the power of law to those corporations is commensurate with surrendering to an enemy. This insidious attempt at disguising a coup against our government and democracy as a means towards more jobs and a better economy is a travesty and a crime against every citizen of this country.


An old story about a wooden puppet comes to mind.


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