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I created this for my art appreciation class at Forsyth Tech during the Summer of 2015. Everyone else did something out of distant history. When I discovered George Grie, I knew I had found a real artist. I hoped to find someone who qualified as a true modern artist, hopefully current, and still living. There are many out there that do incredible work with computer graphics now, but Grie began before computer graphics, qualifies in the ranks of pioneers in that area, and has some history in the company of Russian artists that were pioneers in their own right. I thoroughly enjoyed researching the subject and would love to visit the Pushkinkaya-10 Art Center in St. Petersburg. I’ll just learn to speak Russian really quick and check ahead about the live music schedule at Клуб «Fish Fabrique». Timing that along with a trip around the art exhibitions in Toronto. I would love to see some of Grie’s work up close and large.