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Robert Heston

Winston Salem, NC - cell: 336-745-0682 - - Download PDF Resume

Objective: I will move from school into web development. My skills in graphics and publishing will compliment this.

Experience: With my recent education in Web Technologies I am making a transition from print to web. Previously I have much experience as a graphic designer, desktop publisher, prepress specialist, and prepress department manager. I have worked in graphics for commercial printing, newspaper and magazine publishing, marketing, and advertising. The skills I have developed over the years will enhance my abilities in this new career.

Recent Experience:

Forsyth Technical Community College - Web Technologies – Associate in Applied Science
Technology has been taking publishing and advertising to the web. Forsyth Tech has been my way into a new world of interactive graphics and publishing. I strive to use good communication skills with an open mind, a willingness and desire to innovate and grow. Forsyth Tech has enabled me to use HTML, CSS, PHP, jQuery, JavaScript, Bootstrap, and WordPress to build websites.

2011-2013 Superior Manufacturing - Winston Salem, NC - Set Up, Operate CNC Press Brakes - 2 years

2005 through 2008:

Cox Target Media, Inc. (Valpak) - Elm City, NC - Prepress Specialist - 3 years

Recieve graphics files, run them through RIP stations to a large plate maker using 3 different sized plates; create job jackets and output corresponding color proofs; assemble job packages and deliver to five different web presses. Produce jobs by priority and press schedules. I innovated the work-flow process and always surpassed day-side production by a large margin. The plant closed.

1995 through 2005:  I would often combine freelance with full time employment.

Corporate Press, Inc. - Raleigh, NC - Artist, Prepress Specialist, Department Manager - 4 years

Mac and PC creative, Image Setter. I dealt with all clients and personnel. By this time I had become proficient in all graphics and publishing software for any client files. Others would send customers with problem formats to me. The company is now closed.

Long Printing - Raleigh, NC - Artist, Prepress Specialist, Team Player - 2 years

Mac creative, Image Setter. Managed projects individually and as a team. A great learning experience. The company is now closed.

Hill Printing Company - Raleigh, NC - Freelance Artist, Desktop Publisher

Mac creative. Graphic design, desktop publishing, and prepress work as needed.

BtB Marketing Communications Inc. - Raleigh, NC - Freelance Artist, Desktop Publisher
Mac creative. Worked under the Art Director on various parts of team projects, off-site.

Sir Speedy Printing - Hillsborough St., Raleigh, NC - Artist, Desktop Publisher, Sales - 3 Years

Mac creative. Many small business and NC State University clients plus walk-ins.

Fullwood Marketing Communications Company - Raleigh, NC - Freelance Artist

Mac creative. Developed the corporate identity and produced all promotional materials. The company is now closed.

1985 through 1995:

Greenville Technical College - Greenville, SC - Graphic Arts Program - 1993/1995
The Mac’s evolved to system 7. Classic photography, typography, computer graphics for vector and raster, destop publishing, commercial art, and marketing as my minor were aspects of my expeerience.

Textile Marketing Services - Greenville, SC - Artist, Desktop Publisher - 1994/95
Joined this company to work with their desktop publisher on a large project for Lockheed Aircraft. Produced work for other projects. From my office there I also worked on my own freelance projects. (Sample images from an RJ Reynolds project.)

Minuteman Press - Newport News/Oyster Point, VA - Prepress, Graphic Design, Sales - 1991/1993

Minuteman franchise of a small printshop. Last graphics job before the desktop computer.

Truss Engineering - Newport News, VA - Prefabrication of Doors and Staircases - 1989/91

Construction of prefabricated doors and staircases snd occasional roof truss team.

Cape Coral Daily Breeze - Cape Coral, FL - Artist, Compositor, Assistant Editor - 1986/89

Newspaper publishing. The Daily Breeze, the Pine Island Eagle, and the Islander - for Sanibel Island. “cut, paste & camera” with photo typesetting. I consulted with sales staff with my focus on creating advertisements; I worked close with the editor for final assembly of the pages for the camera. There were at least two or three other full time compositors.

S & S Publishing - Greenville, NC - Artist, Compositor - 1985/86

I was the compositor of several magazines; pre-computer with photo typesetting; graphic design, and assisted with editing. This was a best case scenario for a beginning production artist. Publishers were Tom Willliams and Charles Simpson with Rowanne Lewis as Typesetter. Williams and Lewis supported me as the compositor for five magazines. View The Vacationer Magazine now. They are now closed.

I went directly from the Commercial Art program at Pitt Community college to S & S publishing.

Pitt Community College - Greenville, NC - Commercial Art Program, 1984/85
Liberal Arts, Drawing, Drafting, Commercial Design, a computer used for typesetting, the “cut, paste and camera” tools and equipment, and prepress plate making were features of this curriculum.

My career in graphics has involved learning and working in a variety of academic and commercial environments. I have developed proven skills applicable in many professional endeavors.

Communication: Through experience I have learned to articulate the relative aspects of the work I am discussing with anyone involved. Most people I speak with about a job are not going to understand the technical names and terms that I could use to describe the job, especially customers. I will relate to them what they need to know in terms they can understand. I have successfully dealt with all sorts of customers. I have worked with other professionals in various types of business relationships and as part of a team.

Organization and Time Management: I have successfully managed multiple jobs while new ones come in, priorities and deadlines change, various jobs are at different stages requiring awareness, attention, work by myself or someone in my crew, clients require attention to jobs they are sending or expect to see or are in need of discussion regarding issues, any number of the staff will need answers, have questions, or have issues to bring up, and between all this, there is the work to produce... daily.

Creativity: This is something that can be applied in all things. Problems are challenges that may need creative solutions. Open mindedness and willingness to change, evolve, and improve are invaluable. Doing things one way might work but whether I think of it or discover it, a new way can be the best way. In some cases that solution needs a decision now. If it is within my discretion, just do it.